Entry #1

New Game

2011-08-04 05:05:25 by NRGFlash

Hey Guys, I'm working on a new game which is a stick fighting game.
It is called Fury Of Stick.
Its a 1 Player platform or 2 Player Stick fighter.
its going good at the moment, I just need to work on scripts and coding.

The Game is a about a stick called Alan, who had his father killed by a Super Secret Agent called
Agent J. Alan got furious as he saw his father die right in front of him when he was a kid.
Now he seeks revenge and wields the power of Rage, Will he Get Revenge?

This is my first fighting game so the engine will be quiet bad.

Here is a Snapshot of the Main Menu.

PS. Inspired by Seth Wooten's Rage 1, 2 and 3 (He is awesome!)

New Game


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