Entry #2

Fury of Stick 2

2013-05-11 06:25:47 by NRGFlash

Fury of Stick 2 is in the making, I think its going to be great since I've been working so hard on it. People May say that it will be similar to Cosmoseth's rage 3, But mine has a story to it. Here is a snapshot of a Cut Scene in story mode. If your wondering that green guy is George, the second main character. I really have no idea when the game will be finished, probably some time around November or august.

Fury of Stick 2


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2016-07-06 21:53:12

Aren't you working on it again? :D I want an update if possible.

NRGFlash responds:

Yea man im working on it :P
I've done some major reworking on it tho lol